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Add hints for running Emacs with malloc debuggers.

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......@@ -437,6 +437,47 @@ some extra checks, such as look for broken relations between byte and
character positions in buffers and strings; the resulting diagnostics
might pinpoint the cause of the problem.
** Running Emacs built with malloc debugging packages
If Emacs exhibits bugs that seem to be related to use of memory
allocated off the heap, it might be useful to link Emacs with a
special debugging library, such as Electric Fence (a.k.a. efence) or
GNU Checker, which helps find such problems.
Emacs compiled with such packages might not run without some hacking,
because Emacs replaces the system's memory allocation functions with
its own versions, and because the dumping process might be
incompatible with the way these packages use to track allocated
memory. Here are some of the changes you might find necessary
(SYSTEM-NAME and MACHINE-NAME are the names of your OS- and
CPU-specific headers in the subdirectories of `src'):
- In src/s/SYSTEM-NAME.h add "#define SYSTEM_MALLOC".
- In src/m/MACHINE-NAME.h add "#define CANNOT_DUMP" and
"#define CANNOT_UNEXEC".
- Configure with a different --prefix= option. If you use GCC,
version 2.7.2 is preferred, as some malloc debugging packages
work a lot better with it than with 2.95 or later versions.
- Type "make" then "make -k install".
- If required, invoke the package-specific command to prepare
src/temacs for execution.
- cd ..; src/temacs
(Note that this runs `temacs' instead of the usual `emacs' executable.
This avoids problems with dumping Emacs mentioned above.)
Some malloc debugging libraries might print lots of false alarms for
bitfields used by Emacs in some data structures. If you want to get
rid of the false alarms, you will have to hack the definitions of
these data structures on the respective headers to remove the `:N'
bitfield definitions (which will cause each such field to use a full
** Some suggestions for debugging on MS Windows:
(written by Marc Fleischeuers, Geoff Voelker and Andrew Innes)
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