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......@@ -1068,6 +1068,16 @@ Note that +++ before an item means the Lisp manual has been updated.
When you add a new item, please add it without either +++ or ---
so I will know I still need to look at it -- rms.
*** The buffer-local variable cursor-type can be used to specify the
cursor to use in windows displaying a buffer. Values are interpreted
as follows:
t use the cursor specified for the frame (default)
nil don't display a cursor
`bar' display a bar cursor with default width
(bar . WIDTH) display a bar cursor with width WIDTH
others display a box cursor.
** The variable open-paren-in-column-0-is-defun-start controls whether
an open parenthesis in column 0 is considered to be the start of a
defun. If set, the default, it is considered a defun start. If not
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