Commit 19d2b4a3 authored by Arash Esbati's avatar Arash Esbati Committed by Tassilo Horn
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Make a case-sensitive match for strings

* lisp/textmodes/reftex.el (reftex-typekey-check): Temporarily
let-bind `case-fold-search' to nil in order to be case-sensitive
when matching a string.  (Bug#27518)
parent e3ed43f4
......@@ -1496,7 +1496,8 @@ When DIE is non-nil, throw an error if file not found."
(and n (setq conf-variable (nth n conf-variable)))
(or (eq conf-variable t)
(and (stringp conf-variable)
(string-match (concat "[" conf-variable "]") typekey))))
(let ((case-fold-search nil))
(string-match (concat "[" conf-variable "]") typekey)))))
(defun reftex-check-recursive-edit ()
;; Check if we are already in a recursive edit. Abort with helpful
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