Commit 19e1c426 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(Qfront_sticky, Qrear_nonsticky): New variables.

(syms_of_textprop): Set them up.

(Qhidden): New variable.
(syms_of_textprop): Set up Qhidden.

(property_change_between_p): New function.
parent 964141f2
......@@ -48,7 +48,10 @@ Lisp_Object Qlocal_map;
/* Visual properties text (including strings) may have. */
Lisp_Object Qforeground, Qbackground, Qfont, Qunderline, Qstipple;
Lisp_Object Qinvisible, Qread_only;
Lisp_Object Qinvisible, Qread_only, Qhidden;
/* Sticky properties */
Lisp_Object Qfront_sticky, Qrear_nonsticky;
/* If o1 is a cons whose cdr is a cons, return non-zero and set o2 to
the o1's cdr. Otherwise, return zero. This is handy for
......@@ -543,7 +546,36 @@ If the value is non-nil, it is a position greater than POS, never equal.")
return Qnil;
return next->position - (XTYPE (object) == Lisp_String);
/* Return 1 if there's a change in some property between BEG and END. */
property_change_between_p (beg, end)
int beg, end;
register INTERVAL i, next;
Lisp_Object object, pos;
XSET (object, Lisp_Buffer, current_buffer);
XFASTINT (pos) = beg;
i = validate_interval_range (object, &pos, &pos, soft);
return 0;
next = next_interval (i);
while (! NULL_INTERVAL_P (next) && intervals_equal (i, next))
next = next_interval (next);
if (next->position >= end)
return 0;
if (NULL_INTERVAL_P (next))
return 0;
return 1;
DEFUN ("next-single-property-change", Fnext_single_property_change,
......@@ -1201,10 +1233,16 @@ percentage by which the left interval tree should not differ from the right.");
Qread_only = intern ("read-only");
staticpro (&Qinvisible);
Qinvisible = intern ("invisible");
staticpro (&Qhidden);
Qhidden = intern ("hidden");
staticpro (&Qcategory);
Qcategory = intern ("category");
staticpro (&Qlocal_map);
Qlocal_map = intern ("local-map");
staticpro (&Qfront_sticky);
Qfront_sticky = intern ("front-sticky");
staticpro (&Qrear_nonsticky);
Qrear_nonsticky = intern ("rear-nonsticky");
/* Properties that text might use to specify certain actions */
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