Commit 1a020117 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(compile_range): When casting to const unsigned char *, put const first.

parent fc357930
......@@ -2703,8 +2703,8 @@ compile_range (p_ptr, pend, translate, syntax, b)
We also want to fetch the endpoints without translating them; the
appropriate translation is done in the bit-setting loop below. */
range_start = ((unsigned const char *) p)[-2];
range_end = ((unsigned const char *) p)[0];
range_start = ((const unsigned char *) p)[-2];
range_end = ((const unsigned char *) p)[0];
/* Have to increment the pointer into the pattern string, so the
caller isn't still at the ending character. */
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