Commit 1a140747 authored by Juanma Barranquero's avatar Juanma Barranquero
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* ido.el (ido-use-virtual-buffers): Fix typo in docstring.

parent 7133b7ee
2010-08-23 Juanma Barranquero <>
* ido.el (ido-use-virtual-buffers): Fix typo in docstring.
2010-08-22 Juri Linkov <>
* simple.el (read-extended-command): New function with the logic
......@@ -780,7 +780,7 @@ Essentially it works as follows: Say you are visiting a file and
the buffer gets cleaned up by mignight.el. Later, you want to
switch to that buffer, but find it's no longer open. With
virtual buffers enabled, the buffer name stays in the buffer
list (using the ido-virtual face, and always at the end), and if
list (using the `ido-virtual' face, and always at the end), and if
you select it, it opens the file back up again. This allows you
to think less about whether recently opened files are still open
or not. Most of the time you can quit Emacs, restart, and then
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