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(indent-according-to-mode, indent-region): Doc fix.

parent 2d583bad
......@@ -54,7 +54,10 @@ If nil, hitting TAB indents the current line if point is at the left margin
:type '(choice (const nil) (const t) (const always)))
(defun indent-according-to-mode ()
"Indent line in proper way for current major mode."
"Indent line in proper way for current major mode.
The buffer-local variable `indent-line-function' determines how to do this,
but the functions `indent-relative' and `indent-relative-maybe' are
special; we don't actually use them here."
(if (memq indent-line-function
'(indent-relative indent-relative-maybe))
......@@ -325,14 +328,21 @@ A value of nil means really run `indent-according-to-mode' on each line.")
(defun indent-region (start end &optional column)
"Indent each nonblank line in the region.
With no prefix argument, indent each line using `indent-according-to-mode',
or use `indent-region-function' to do the whole region if that's non-nil.
If there is a fill prefix, make each line start with the fill prefix.
With argument COLUMN, indent each line to that column.
When you call this from a program, START and END specify
the region to indent, and COLUMN specifies the indentation column.
If COLUMN is nil, then indent each line according to the mode."
A numeric prefix argument specifies a column: indent each line to that column.
With no prefix argument, the command chooses one of these methods and
indents all the lines with it:
1) If `fill-prefix' is non-nil, insert `fill-prefix' at the
beginning of each line in the region that does not already begin
with it.
2) If `indent-region-function' is non-nil, call that function
to indent the region.
3) Indent each line as specified by the variable `indent-line-function'.
Called from a program, START and END specify the region to indent.
If the third argument COLUMN is an integer, it specifies the
column to indent to; if it is nil, use one of the three methods above."
(interactive "r\nP")
(if (null column)
(if fill-prefix
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