Commit 1a359750 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* src/keyboard.c (input-decode-map, key-translation-map): Doc fixes.

parent b6c3e4b1
2013-02-13 Glenn Morris <>
* keyboard.c (input-decode-map, key-translation-map): Doc fixes.
2013-02-12 Paul Eggert <>
Improve AIX port some more (Bug#13650).
......@@ -11902,9 +11902,7 @@ If the binding is a function, it is called with one argument (the prompt)
and its return value (a key sequence) is used.
The events that come from bindings in `input-decode-map' are not
themselves looked up in `input-decode-map'.
This variable is keyboard-local. */);
themselves looked up in `input-decode-map'. */);
DEFVAR_LISP ("function-key-map", Vfunction_key_map,
doc: /* The parent keymap of all `local-function-key-map' instances.
......@@ -11917,8 +11915,7 @@ definition will take precedence. */);
DEFVAR_LISP ("key-translation-map", Vkey_translation_map,
doc: /* Keymap of key translations that can override keymaps.
This keymap works like `function-key-map', but comes after that,
and its non-prefix bindings override ordinary bindings.
Another difference is that it is global rather than keyboard-local. */);
and its non-prefix bindings override ordinary bindings. */);
Vkey_translation_map = Fmake_sparse_keymap (Qnil);
DEFVAR_LISP ("deferred-action-list", Vdeferred_action_list,
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