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......@@ -2,7 +2,8 @@
* ada-mode.texi, ebrowse.texi, ediff.texi, ert.texi, eshell.texi:
* eudc.texi, idlwave.texi, rcirc.texi, remember.texi, ses.texi:
* speedbar.texi, vip.texi, widget.texi: Nuke hand-written node pointers.
* speedbar.texi, vip.texi, viper.texi, widget.texi:
Nuke hand-written node pointers.
* (gfdl): New variable. Use throughout where
appropriate so that targets depend on doclicense.texi.
......@@ -46,9 +46,8 @@ modify this GNU manual.''
@node Top, Overview,, (DIR)
@unnumbered Viper
@node Top
@top Viper
We believe that one or more of the following statements are adequate
descriptions of Viper:
......@@ -99,16 +98,13 @@ Please use the Ex command @kbd{:submitReport} for this purpose.@refill
* Improvements over Vi:: New features, Improvements
* Customization:: How to customize Viper
* Commands:: Vi and Ex Commands
* GNU Free Documentation License:: The license for this documentation.
* Acknowledgments::
* Key Index:: Index of Vi and Ex Commands
* Function Index:: Index of Viper Functions
* Variable Index:: Index of Viper Variables
* Package Index:: Index of Packages Mentioned in this Document
* Concept Index:: Vi, Ex and Emacs concepts
* Acknowledgments::
* GNU Free Documentation License:: The license for this documentation.
@end menu
@unnumbered Introduction
......@@ -155,7 +151,7 @@ Please use the Ex command @kbd{:submitReport} for this purpose.@refill
@end iftex
@node Overview,Improvements over Vi,Top,Top
@node Overview
@chapter Overview of Viper
Viper is a Vi emulation on top of Emacs. At the same time, Viper provides a
......@@ -185,7 +181,7 @@ included in your @file{~/.viper} file and are found at the following URL:
* Unimplemented Features:: That are unlikely to be implemented.
@end menu
@node Emacs Preliminaries, Loading Viper, Overview, Overview
@node Emacs Preliminaries
@section Emacs Preliminaries
@cindex buffer
......@@ -313,7 +309,7 @@ Emacs is structured as a Lisp interpreter around a C core. Emacs keys
cause Lisp functions to be called. It is possible to call these
functions directly, by typing @kbd{M-x function-name}.
@node Loading Viper, States in Viper, Emacs Preliminaries, Overview
@node Loading Viper
@section Loading Viper
The most common way to load it automatically is to include the following
......@@ -368,7 +364,7 @@ copy of Emacs after Viper has been loaded, the command @kbd{M-x
viper-go-away} will do it for you. The function @code{toggle-viper-mode}
toggles Viperization of Emacs on and off.
@node States in Viper, The Minibuffer, Loading Viper,Overview
@node States in Viper
@section States in Viper
@kindex @kbd{C-z}
......@@ -474,7 +470,7 @@ to allow Emacs keys in Insert state.
replacement commands, such as cw, C, R, etc.
@end menu
@node Emacs State, Vi State, States in Viper, States in Viper
@node Emacs State
@subsection Emacs State
@kindex @kbd{C-z}
......@@ -506,7 +502,7 @@ from the Insert state: typing @kbd{C-z} will let you execute a
single Vi command while staying in Viper's Insert state.
@node Vi State, Insert State, Emacs State, States in Viper
@node Vi State
@subsection Vi State
@cindex Vi state
......@@ -666,7 +662,7 @@ Having found the appropriate command, it can be then executed by typing
@xref{Improvements over Vi}, for more information.
@node Insert State, Replace State, Vi State, States in Viper
@node Insert State
@subsection Insert State
@cindex Insert state
......@@ -726,7 +722,7 @@ the Insert state.
When Viper is in Insert state, you will see <I> in the mode line.
@node Replace State,, Insert State, States in Viper
@node Replace State
@subsection Replace State
@cindex Replace state
......@@ -758,7 +754,7 @@ was still inside the replacement region. So, in the above situation, Viper
would delete text between this position and the end of the replacement
@node The Minibuffer,Multiple Files in Viper, States in Viper, Overview
@node The Minibuffer
@section The Minibuffer
@cindex Minibuffer
......@@ -808,7 +804,7 @@ has no mode line to tell which Vi state it is in.
The appearance of the text in the minibuffer can be changed.
@xref{Viper Specials}, for more details.
@node Multiple Files in Viper,Unimplemented Features,The Minibuffer,Overview
@node Multiple Files in Viper
@section Multiple Files in Viper
@cindex multiple files
......@@ -883,7 +879,7 @@ Currently undisplayed files can be listed using the @kbd{:ar} command. The
command @kbd{:n} can be given counts from the @kbd{:ar} list to switch to
other files. For example, use `:n3' to move to the third file in that list.
@node Unimplemented Features,,Multiple Files in Viper,Overview
@node Unimplemented Features
@section Unimplemented Features
Unimplemented features include:
......@@ -904,8 +900,7 @@ be used directly inside Emacs, since Emacs will obdurately change @samp{^I}
back to normal tabs.@refill
@end itemize
@comment node-name, next, previous, up
@node Improvements over Vi, Customization, Overview, Top
@node Improvements over Vi
@chapter Improvements over Vi
Some common problems with Vi and Ex have been solved in Viper. This
......@@ -926,7 +921,7 @@ the facilities provided by Emacs.
you should know about.
@end menu
@node Basics, Undo and Backups, Improvements over Vi, Improvements over Vi
@node Basics
@section Basics
The Vi command set is based on the idea of combining motion commands
......@@ -997,7 +992,7 @@ buffers. These can be seen in the @kbd{:args} list and switched using
specify @code{(setq ex-cycle-through-non-files t)} in your @file{.viper}
file. @xref{Customization}, for details.
@node Undo and Backups, History, Basics, Improvements over Vi
@node Undo and Backups
@section Undo and Backups
@cindex undo
......@@ -1033,7 +1028,7 @@ will show the text around the textmarker. @samp{register} and @samp{textmarker}
can be any letters from a through z.
@comment ] balance parens
@node History, Macros and Registers, Undo and Backups,Improvements over Vi
@node History
@section History
@cindex history
......@@ -1072,7 +1067,7 @@ Similarly, commands that have to do with switching buffers
have a buffer history, and commands that expect strings or regular
expressions keep a history on those items.
@node Macros and Registers,Completion,History,Improvements over Vi
@node Macros and Registers
@section Macros and Registers
@cindex keyboard macros
......@@ -1119,7 +1114,7 @@ Keyboard Macro execution @kbd{@@@@} (the replace).
Viper also provides Vi-style macros. @xref{Vi Macros}, for details.
@node Completion, Improved Search, Macros and Registers, Improvements over Vi
@node Completion
@section Completion
@cindex completion
......@@ -1130,7 +1125,7 @@ no longer work for that file name. Remember that Emacs interprets a file name
of the form @kbd{/foo//bar} as @kbd{/bar} and @kbd{/foo/~/bar} as
@node Improved Search, Abbreviation Facilities, Completion, Improvements over Vi
@node Improved Search
@section Improved Search
@cindex buffer search
......@@ -1198,7 +1193,7 @@ faces are grouped together under Viper's
Try it: it is really simple!
@node Abbreviation Facilities,Movement and Markers,Improved Search,Improvements over Vi
@node Abbreviation Facilities
@section Abbreviation Facilities
@cindex abbrevs
......@@ -1222,7 +1217,7 @@ keystroke, which appears earlier in the text. Emacs binds this to
@code{dabbrev-expand} to that key.
Facilities like this make Vi's @kbd{:ab} command obsolete.
@node Movement and Markers, New Commands, Abbreviation Facilities, Improvements over Vi
@node Movement and Markers
@section Movement and Markers
@cindex Ex style motion
......@@ -1298,7 +1293,7 @@ switch files by simply doing @kbd{'a}. If you set up a regimen for using
Textmarkers, this is very useful. Contents of textmarkers can be viewed
by @kbd{[marker}. (Contents of registers can be viewed by @kbd{]register}).
@node New Commands, Useful Packages, Movement and Markers, Improvements over Vi
@node New Commands
@section New Commands
These commands have no Vi analogs.
......@@ -1487,7 +1482,7 @@ Apart from the new commands, many old commands have been enhanced. Most
notably, Vi style macros are much more powerful in Viper than in Vi. @xref{Vi
Macros}, for details.
@node Useful Packages, ,New Commands, Improvements over Vi
@node Useful Packages
@section Useful Packages
Some Emacs packages are mentioned here as an aid to the new Viper user, to
......@@ -1568,7 +1563,7 @@ Emacs Lisp archives exist on
and @samp{}@refill
@node Customization,Commands,Improvements over Vi,Top
@node Customization
@chapter Customization
@cindex customization
......@@ -1614,7 +1609,7 @@ cases, examples are provided that you can use directly.
* Vi Macros:: How to do Vi style macros.
@end menu
@node Rudimentary Changes,Key Bindings,Customization,Customization
@node Rudimentary Changes
@section Rudimentary Changes
@cindex setting variables
......@@ -1955,7 +1950,7 @@ can include a line like this in your @file{.viper} file:
@vindex @code{viper-replace-state-hook}
@vindex @code{viper-emacs-state-hook}
@node Key Bindings, Packages that Change Keymaps, Rudimentary Changes,Customization
@node Key Bindings
@section Key Bindings
@cindex key bindings
......@@ -2191,8 +2186,8 @@ bindings in Emacs.
@findex @code{viper-add-local-keys}
@findex @code{viper-zap-local-keys}
@node Packages that Change Keymaps,Viper Specials,Key Bindings,Customization
@subsection Packages that Change Keymaps
@node Packages that Change Keymaps
@section Packages that Change Keymaps
@cindex C-c and Viper
@cindex Viper and C-c
......@@ -2320,7 +2315,7 @@ compatible with Viper is to have the file @file{my-mode.el} include the followin
@findex @code{remove-hook}
@findex @code{add-hook}
@node Viper Specials,Vi Macros,Packages that Change Keymaps,Customization
@node Viper Specials
@section Viper Specials
Viper extends Vi with a number of useful features. This includes various
......@@ -2705,7 +2700,7 @@ you will then have to write such a function and make it known to your
Emacs. The function @code{viper-surrounding-word} in @file{viper.el} can be
used as a guiding example.
@node Vi Macros, ,Viper Specials,Customization
@node Vi Macros
@section Vi Macros
@cindex Vi macros
......@@ -2992,7 +2987,7 @@ Finally, Viper provides a function that conveniently displays all macros
currently defined. To see all macros along with their definitions, type
@kbd{M-x viper-describe-kbd-macros}.
@node Commands,,Customization,Top
@node Commands
@chapter Commands
This section is a semi-automatically bowdlerized version of the Vi
......@@ -3011,8 +3006,7 @@ found on the Vi archives. This reference has been adapted for Viper.@refill
* Mouse-bound Commands:: Search and insertion of text
@end menu
@node Groundwork, Text Handling, Commands, Commands
@comment node-name, next, previous, up
@node Groundwork
@section Groundwork
The VI command set is based on the idea of combining motion commands
......@@ -3222,7 +3216,7 @@ ends at line 135. There is no need to type the line numbers, since Viper
inserts them automatically in front of the Ex command.
@cindex Ex commands
@node Text Handling, Display, Groundwork, Commands
@node Text Handling
@section Text Handling
......@@ -3237,7 +3231,7 @@ inserts them automatically in front of the Ex command.
* Undoing:: Multiple Undo, Backups
@end menu
@node Move Commands,Marking,,Text Handling
@node Move Commands
@subsection Move Commands
@cindex movement commands
......@@ -3433,7 +3427,7 @@ in your @file{~/.viper} file.
@kindex @kbd{l}
@vindex @code{viper-parse-sexp-ignore-comments}
@node Marking,Appending Text,Move Commands,Text Handling
@node Marking
@subsection Marking
Emacs mark is referred to in the region specifiers @kbd{r} and @kbd{R}.
......@@ -3485,7 +3479,7 @@ Go to specified Viper mark and go to the first CHAR on line.
@kindex @kbd{`<a-z>}
@kindex @kbd{'<a-z>}
@node Appending Text, Editing in Insert State, Marking,Text Handling
@node Appending Text
@subsection Appending Text
@xref{Options}, to see how to change tab and shiftwidth size. See the GNU
......@@ -3567,7 +3561,7 @@ functions doing the perusing can be bound to unused keyboard keys in the
@kindex @kbd{A}
@kindex @kbd{a}
@node Editing in Insert State, Deleting Text, Appending Text,Text Handling
@node Editing in Insert State
@subsection Editing in Insert State
Minibuffer can be edited similarly to Insert state, and you can switch
......@@ -3593,7 +3587,7 @@ current line.
@kindex @kbd{C-w}
@kindex @kbd{C-v}
@node Deleting Text, Changing Text, Editing in Insert State, Text Handling
@node Deleting Text
@subsection Deleting Text
......@@ -3636,7 +3630,7 @@ Shift <count> lines one shiftwidth to the left.
@kindex @kbd{X}
@kindex @kbd{x}
@node Changing Text, Search and Replace, Deleting Text,Text Handling
@node Changing Text
@subsection Changing Text
@cindex joining lines
......@@ -3744,7 +3738,7 @@ destructive Vi commands.
@kindex @kbd{R}
@kindex @kbd{r<char>}
@node Search and Replace, Yanking, Changing Text,Text Handling
@node Search and Replace
@subsection Search and Replace
@xref{Groundwork}, for Ex address syntax. @xref{Options}, to see how to
......@@ -3827,7 +3821,7 @@ Execute <ex-command> on all lines that do not match <pattern>.
@kindex @kbd{?<string>}
@kindex @kbd{/<string>}
@node Yanking,Undoing,Search and Replace,Text Handling
@node Yanking
@subsection Yanking
@cindex cut and paste
......@@ -3874,7 +3868,7 @@ Put the contents of the (default undo) buffer
@kindex @kbd{yank}
@findex @kbd{:yank}
@node Undoing,, Yanking,Text Handling
@node Undoing
@subsection Undoing
@cindex undo
......@@ -3900,7 +3894,7 @@ that have a @samp{~} appended to them.
@kindex @kbd{U}
@kindex @kbd{u}
@node Display, File and Buffer Handling, Text Handling, Commands
@node Display
@section Display
@cindex scrolling
......@@ -3959,7 +3953,7 @@ Put line <count> in the center of the window
@kindex @kbd{C-g}
@node File and Buffer Handling, Mapping, Display,Commands
@node File and Buffer Handling
@section File and Buffer Handling
@cindex multiple files
......@@ -4111,7 +4105,7 @@ is typed in minibuffer. File completion and history are supported.
@findex @kbd{:cd [<dir>]}
@findex @kbd{:pwd}
@node Mapping, Shell Commands, File and Buffer Handling, Commands
@node Mapping
@section Mapping
@cindex key bindings
......@@ -4178,7 +4172,7 @@ Show contents of register.
@findex @kbd{:unmap!@: <char>}
@findex @kbd{:map!@: <char> <seq>}
@node Shell Commands, Options, Mapping, Commands
@node Shell Commands
@section Shell Commands
@cindex % (Current file)
......@@ -4244,7 +4238,7 @@ Run the make command in the current directory.
@findex @kbd{:sh}
@findex @kbd{:make}
@node Options,Emacs Related Commands,Shell Commands,Commands
@node Options
@section Options
@cindex Vi options
......@@ -4365,7 +4359,7 @@ Set <option> to <value>.
@findex @kbd{:set ai}
@findex @kbd{:set autoindent}
@node Emacs Related Commands,,Options,Commands
@node Emacs Related Commands
@section Emacs Related Commands
@table @kbd
......@@ -4415,7 +4409,7 @@ you need.
@kindex @kbd{C-\}
@kindex @kbd{C-c\}
@node Mouse-bound Commands,,,Commands
@node Mouse-bound Commands
@section Mouse-bound Commands
The following two mouse actions are normally bound to special search and
......@@ -4444,8 +4438,11 @@ already bound to something else.
@kindex @kbd{meta button1up}
@kindex @kbd{meta button2up}
@node Acknowledgments,,,Top
@comment node-name, next, previous, up
@node GNU Free Documentation License
@appendix GNU Free Documentation License
@include doclicense.texi
@node Acknowledgments
@unnumbered Acknowledgments
Viper, formerly known as VIP-19, was written by Michael Kifer. Viper is
......@@ -4519,36 +4516,27 @@ (Wendell Hicken), (Jason Zapman II),
@end example
@node GNU Free Documentation License,,, Top
@appendix GNU Free Documentation License
@include doclicense.texi
@node Key Index,Function Index,,Top
@comment node-name, next, previous, up
@node Key Index
@unnumbered Key Index
@printindex ky
@node Function Index,Variable Index,Key Index,Top
@comment node-name, next, previous, up
@node Function Index
@unnumbered Function Index
@printindex fn
@node Variable Index,Package Index,Function Index,Top
@comment node-name, next, previous, up
@node Variable Index
@unnumbered Variable Index
@printindex vr
@node Package Index,Concept Index,Variable Index,Top
@comment node-name, next, previous, up
@node Package Index
@unnumbered Package Index
@printindex pg
@node Concept Index,,Package Index,Top
@comment node-name, next, previous, up
@node Concept Index
@unnumbered Concept Index
@printindex cp
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