Commit 1a868076 authored by Vinicius Jose Latorre's avatar Vinicius Jose Latorre
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Adjust type declaration.

parent dc6de553
2010-08-27 Vinicius Jose Latorre <>
* whitespace.el (whitespace-style): Adjust type declaration.
2010-08-26 Nathan Weizenbaum <> (tiny change)
* progmodes/js.el: Make indentation more customizable (Bug#6914).
......@@ -529,6 +529,8 @@ cleanning up a buffer. See `whitespace-cleanup' and
See also `whitespace-display-mappings' for documentation."
:type '(repeat :tag "Kind of Blank"
(choice :tag "Kind of Blank Face"
(const :tag "(Face) Face visualization"
(const :tag "(Face) Trailing TABs, SPACEs and HARD SPACEs"
(const :tag "(Face) SPACEs and HARD SPACEs"
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