Commit 1aa64307 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* lisp/mail/feedmail.el (bbdb-dwim-net-address, vm-mail): Declare.

parent 50b23e5a
......@@ -5,7 +5,8 @@
(feedmail-queue-slug-suspect-regexp, feedmail-debug)
(feedmail-debug-sit-for, feedmail-queue-express-hook)
(feedmail-queue-runner-message-sender): Set :version.
(bbdb-search, bbdb-records, smtp-via-smtp, smtp-server): Declare.
(bbdb-search, bbdb-records, smtp-via-smtp, smtp-server)
(bbdb-dwim-net-address, vm-mail): Declare.
Rename from feedmail-binmail-linuxish-template.
(feedmail-buffer-to-smtp, feedmail-vm-mail-mode):
......@@ -914,9 +914,9 @@ you are at accomplishing inherently inefficient things."
;; FIXME this is a macro?
(declare-function bbdb-search "ext:bbdb-com"
(records &optional name company net notes phone))
(declare-function bbdb-records "ext:bbdb"
(&optional dont-check-disk already-in-db-buffer))
(declare-function bbdb-dwim-net-address "ext:bbdb-com" (record &optional net))
(defun feedmail-spray-via-bbdb ()
"Example function for use with feedmail spray mode.
......@@ -1733,6 +1733,8 @@ FOLDING can be nil, in which case VALUE is used as-is. If FOLDING is
non-nil, feedmail \"smart filling\" is done on VALUE just before
(declare-function vm-mail "ext:vm" (&optional to subject))
(defun feedmail-vm-mail-mode (&optional arg)
"Make something like a buffer that has been created via `vm-mail'.
The optional argument is ignored and is just for argument compatibility with
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