Commit 1af6db7d authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

* lisp/progmodes/hideshow.el (hs-hide-all): Call syntax-propertize.

Fixes: debbugs:17608
parent fc21a7de
2014-05-28 Stefan Monnier <>
* progmodes/hideshow.el (hs-hide-all): Call syntax-propertize
2014-05-21 Michal Nazarewicz <>
* textmodes/tildify.el (tildify-buffer, tildify-region):
......@@ -789,6 +789,7 @@ If `hs-hide-comments-when-hiding-all' is non-nil, also hide the comments."
(unless hs-allow-nesting
(hs-discard-overlays (point-min) (point-max)))
(goto-char (point-min))
(syntax-propertize (point-max))
(let ((spew (make-progress-reporter "Hiding all blocks..."
(point-min) (point-max)))
(re (concat "\\("
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