Commit 1b0440ed authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(get_local_map): Abort if POSITION outside BEGV, ZV.

parent 6c27fdb9
......@@ -2341,7 +2341,9 @@ get_property_and_range (pos, prop, val, start, end, object)
/* Return the proper local keymap TYPE for position POSITION in
BUFFER; TYPE should be one of `keymap' or `local-map'. Use the map
specified by the PROP property, if any. Otherwise, if TYPE is
`local-map' use BUFFER's local map. */
`local-map' use BUFFER's local map.
POSITION must be in the accessible part of BUFFER. */
get_local_map (position, buffer, type)
......@@ -2353,7 +2355,7 @@ get_local_map (position, buffer, type)
int old_begv, old_zv, old_begv_byte, old_zv_byte;
/* Perhaps we should just change `position' to the limit. */
if (position > BUF_Z (buffer) || position < BUF_BEG (buffer))
if (position > BUF_ZV (buffer) || position < BUF_BEGV (buffer))
abort ();
/* Ignore narrowing, so that a local map continues to be valid even if
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