Commit 1b368e31 authored by Luc Teirlinck's avatar Luc Teirlinck
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(PC-is-complete-p): delete.

(PC-do-completion): Replace all calls to `PC-is-complete-p' with calls
to `test-completion'.
parent 99b99417
......@@ -368,7 +368,7 @@ of `minibuffer-completion-table' and the minibuffer contents.")
;; Check if buffer contents can already be considered complete
(if (and (eq mode 'exit)
(PC-is-complete-p str table pred))
(test-completion str table pred))
;; Do substitutions in directory names
......@@ -641,7 +641,7 @@ of `minibuffer-completion-table' and the minibuffer contents.")
(if improved
;; We changed it... would it be complete without the space?
(if (PC-is-complete-p (buffer-substring 1 (1- end))
(if (test-completion (buffer-substring 1 (1- end))
table pred)
(delete-region (1- end) end)))
......@@ -649,7 +649,7 @@ of `minibuffer-completion-table' and the minibuffer contents.")
;; We changed it... enough to be complete?
(and (eq mode 'exit)
(PC-is-complete-p (field-string) table pred))
(test-completion (field-string) table pred))
;; If totally ambiguous, display a list of completions
(if (or (eq completion-auto-help t)
......@@ -680,20 +680,6 @@ of `minibuffer-completion-table' and the minibuffer contents.")
(car poss)))))
(defun PC-is-complete-p (str table pred)
(let ((res (if (listp table)
(assoc str table)
(if (vectorp table)
(or (equal str "nil") ; heh, heh, heh
(intern-soft str table))
(funcall table str pred 'lambda)))))
(and res
(or (not pred)
(and (not (listp table)) (not (vectorp table)))
(funcall pred res))
(defun PC-chop-word (new old)
(let ((i -1)
(j -1))
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