Commit 1b44af75 authored by Daniel Pfeiffer's avatar Daniel Pfeiffer

Add edg examples and remove redundant ultrix examples.

parent 10436a47
......@@ -91,6 +91,16 @@ symbol: comma
"src/swapping.c", line 30.34: 1506-342 (W) "/*" detected in comment.
* EDG C/C++
symbol: edg-1 edg-2
build/intel/debug/../../../struct.cpp(42): error: identifier "foo" is undefined
build/intel/debug/../../../struct.cpp(44): warning #1011: missing return statement at end of ...
build/intel/debug/../../../iptr.h(302): remark #981: operands are evaluated in unspecified order
detected during ... at line 62 of "build/intel/debug/../../../trace.h"
* EPC F90 compiler
symbol: epc
......@@ -299,14 +309,6 @@ symbol: sun-ada
/home3/xdhar/rcds_rc/main.a, line 361, char 6:syntax error: "," inserted
* Ultrix 3.0 f77 & Some SGI cc version
symbol: ultrix
fort: Severe: addstf.f, line 82: Missing operator or delimiter symbol
cfe: Warning 835: foo.c, line 2: something
* 4.3BSD grep, cc, lint
symbol: 4bsd
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