Commit 1b51e23a authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* lisp/gnus/nnmaildir.el: Silence lexical warnings

* lisp/gnus/nnmaildir.el (nnmaildir--prepare): Use a more
functional style.
(nnmaildir--update-nov): Remove unused var `numdir'.
(nnmaildir-request-type, nnmaildir--scan, nnmaildir-request-newgroups)
(nnmaildir-request-group, nnmaildir-request-create-group)
(nnmaildir-request-post, nnmaildir-request-move-article)
(nnmaildir-request-accept-article, nnmaildir-active-number): Mark unused args.
(nnmaildir-get-new-mail, nnmaildir-group-alist)
(nnmaildir-active-file): Declare.
(nnmaildir-request-scan): Remove unused vars `group' and `grp-dir'.
(nnmaildir-request-update-info): Remove unused vars `dotfile', `num',
`mark', `end', `new-mark', and `mark-sym'.
(nnmaildir-retrieve-headers): Remove unused args `srv-dir', `dir',
Remove unused vars `article', `stop' and `nlist2'.
(nnmaildir-request-set-mark): Remove unused vars `begin', `article' and
`end'.  Use nnmaildir--article when dyn-binding is needed.
Give the value directly in the `let' for `del-mark', `del-action',
`add-action', and `set-action'.  Don't use `add-to-list' on a local var.
(nnmaildir-close-server): Declare those local vars that need to be
parent 9b891278
......@@ -333,29 +333,24 @@ by nnmaildir-request-article.")
;; given group, if non-nil, be the current group of the current server. Then
;; return the group object for the current group.
(defun nnmaildir--prepare (server group)
(let (x groups)
(catch 'return
(if (null server)
(unless (setq server nnmaildir--cur-server)
(throw 'return nil))
(unless (setq server (intern-soft server nnmaildir--servers))
(catch 'return
(if (null server)
(unless (setq server nnmaildir--cur-server)
(throw 'return nil))
(setq server (symbol-value server)
nnmaildir--cur-server server))
(unless (setq groups (nnmaildir--srv-groups server))
(unless (setq server (intern-soft server nnmaildir--servers))
(throw 'return nil))
(unless (nnmaildir--srv-method server)
(setq x (concat "nnmaildir:" (nnmaildir--srv-address server))
x (gnus-server-to-method x))
(unless x (throw 'return nil))
(setf (nnmaildir--srv-method server) x))
(if (null group)
(unless (setq group (nnmaildir--srv-curgrp server))
(throw 'return nil))
(unless (setq group (intern-soft group groups))
(throw 'return nil))
(setq group (symbol-value group)))
(setq server (symbol-value server)
nnmaildir--cur-server server))
(let ((groups (nnmaildir--srv-groups server)))
(when groups
(unless (nnmaildir--srv-method server)
(setf (nnmaildir--srv-method server)
(or (gnus-server-to-method
(concat "nnmaildir:" (nnmaildir--srv-address server)))
(throw 'return nil))))
(if (null group)
(nnmaildir--srv-curgrp server)
(symbol-value (intern-soft group groups)))))))
(defun nnmaildir--tab-to-space (string)
(let ((pos 0))
......@@ -428,7 +423,7 @@ by nnmaildir-request-article.")
(srv-dir (nnmaildir--srv-dir server))
(storage-version 1) ;; [version article-number msgid [...nov...]]
dir gname pgname msgdir prefix suffix file attr mtime novdir novfile
nov msgid nov-beg nov-mid nov-end field val old-extra num numdir
nov msgid nov-beg nov-mid nov-end field val old-extra num
(catch 'return
(setq gname (nnmaildir--grp-name group)
......@@ -668,7 +663,7 @@ by nnmaildir-request-article.")
"/" "\\057" 'literal)
":" "\\072" 'literal))
(defun nnmaildir-request-type (group &optional article)
(defun nnmaildir-request-type (_group &optional _article)
(defun nnmaildir-status-message (&optional server)
......@@ -768,7 +763,7 @@ by nnmaildir-request-article.")
(if (> (aref a 1) (aref b 1)) (throw 'return nil))
(string-lessp (aref a 2) (aref b 2))))
(defun nnmaildir--scan (gname scan-msgs groups method srv-dir srv-ls)
(defun nnmaildir--scan (gname scan-msgs groups _method srv-dir srv-ls)
(catch 'return
(let ((36h-ago (- (car (current-time)) 2))
absdir nndir tdir ndir cdir nattr cattr isnew pgname read-only ls
......@@ -883,6 +878,10 @@ by nnmaildir-request-article.")
(setf (nnmaildir--grp-cur group) cattr)))
(defvar nnmaildir-get-new-mail)
(defvar nnmaildir-group-alist)
(defvar nnmaildir-active-file)
(defun nnmaildir-request-scan (&optional scan-group server)
(let ((coding-system-for-write nnheader-file-coding-system)
(buffer-file-coding-system nil)
......@@ -890,7 +889,7 @@ by nnmaildir-request-article.")
(nnmaildir-get-new-mail t)
(nnmaildir-group-alist nil)
(nnmaildir-active-file nil)
x srv-ls srv-dir method groups target-prefix group dirs grp-dir seen
x srv-ls srv-dir method groups target-prefix dirs seen
(nnmaildir--prepare server nil)
(setq srv-ls (nnmaildir--srv-ls nnmaildir--cur-server)
......@@ -966,7 +965,7 @@ by nnmaildir-request-article.")
(nnmaildir--srv-groups nnmaildir--cur-server))))
(defun nnmaildir-request-newgroups (date &optional server)
(defun nnmaildir-request-newgroups (_date &optional server)
(nnmaildir-request-list server))
(defun nnmaildir-retrieve-groups (groups &optional server)
......@@ -995,9 +994,9 @@ by nnmaildir-request-article.")
(nnmaildir--srv-dir nnmaildir--cur-server) gname)))
(curdir-mtime (nth 5 (file-attributes curdir)))
pgname flist always-marks never-marks old-marks dotfile num dir
all-marks marks mark ranges markdir read end new-marks ls
old-mmth new-mmth mtime mark-sym existing missing deactivate-mark)
pgname flist always-marks never-marks old-marks dir
all-marks marks ranges markdir read ls
old-mmth new-mmth mtime existing missing deactivate-mark)
(catch 'return
(unless group
(setf (nnmaildir--srv-error nnmaildir--cur-server)
......@@ -1096,7 +1095,7 @@ by nnmaildir-request-article.")
(setf (nnmaildir--grp-mmth group) new-mmth)
(defun nnmaildir-request-group (gname &optional server fast info)
(defun nnmaildir-request-group (gname &optional server fast _info)
(let ((group (nnmaildir--prepare server gname))
(catch 'return
......@@ -1119,7 +1118,7 @@ by nnmaildir-request-article.")
(insert " " (gnus-replace-in-string gname " " "\\ " t) "\n")
(defun nnmaildir-request-create-group (gname &optional server args)
(defun nnmaildir-request-create-group (gname &optional server _args)
(nnmaildir--prepare server nil)
(catch 'return
(let ((target-prefix (nnmaildir--srv-target-prefix nnmaildir--cur-server))
......@@ -1265,7 +1264,7 @@ by nnmaildir-request-article.")
(defun nnmaildir-retrieve-headers (articles &optional gname server fetch-old)
(let ((group (nnmaildir--prepare server gname))
srv-dir dir nlist mlist article num start stop nov nlist2 insert-nov
nlist mlist article num start stop nov insert-nov
(setq insert-nov
(lambda (article)
......@@ -1290,9 +1289,7 @@ by nnmaildir-request-article.")
(setq mlist (nnmaildir--grp-mlist group)
nlist (nnmaildir--grp-nlist group)
gname (nnmaildir--grp-name group)
srv-dir (nnmaildir--srv-dir nnmaildir--cur-server)
dir (nnmaildir--srvgrp-dir srv-dir gname))
gname (nnmaildir--grp-name group))
((null nlist))
((and fetch-old (not (numberp fetch-old)))
......@@ -1363,7 +1360,7 @@ by nnmaildir-request-article.")
(nnheader-insert-file-contents nnmaildir-article-file-name))
(cons gname num-msgid))))
(defun nnmaildir-request-post (&optional server)
(defun nnmaildir-request-post (&optional _server)
(let (message-required-mail-headers)
(funcall message-send-mail-function)))
......@@ -1405,7 +1402,7 @@ by nnmaildir-request-article.")
(defun nnmaildir-request-move-article (article gname server accept-form
&optional last move-is-internal)
&optional _last _move-is-internal)
(let ((group (nnmaildir--prepare server gname))
pgname suffix result nnmaildir--file deactivate-mark)
(catch 'return
......@@ -1442,7 +1439,7 @@ by nnmaildir-request-article.")
(nnmaildir--expired-article group article))
(defun nnmaildir-request-accept-article (gname &optional server last)
(defun nnmaildir-request-accept-article (gname &optional server _last)
(let ((group (nnmaildir--prepare server gname))
(coding-system-for-write nnheader-file-coding-system)
(buffer-file-coding-system nil)
......@@ -1546,7 +1543,7 @@ by nnmaildir-request-article.")
(defun nnmaildir-active-number (gname)
(defun nnmaildir-active-number (_gname)
(declare-function gnus-group-mark-article-read "gnus-group" (group article))
......@@ -1554,8 +1551,8 @@ by nnmaildir-request-article.")
(defun nnmaildir-request-expire-articles (ranges &optional gname server force)
(let ((no-force (not force))
(group (nnmaildir--prepare server gname))
pgname time boundary bound-iter high low target dir nlist nlist2
stop article didnt nnmaildir--file nnmaildir-article-file-name
pgname time boundary bound-iter high low target dir nlist
didnt nnmaildir--file nnmaildir-article-file-name
(catch 'return
(unless group
......@@ -1637,6 +1634,8 @@ by nnmaildir-request-article.")
(defvar nnmaildir--article)
(defun nnmaildir-request-set-mark (gname actions &optional server)
(let* ((group (nnmaildir--prepare server gname))
(curdir (nnmaildir--cur
......@@ -1646,27 +1645,30 @@ by nnmaildir-request-article.")
(coding-system-for-write nnheader-file-coding-system)
(buffer-file-coding-system nil)
(file-coding-system-alist nil)
del-mark del-action add-action set-action marksdir nlist
ranges begin end article all-marks todo-marks mdir mfile
pgname ls permarkfile deactivate-mark)
(setq del-mark
marksdir nlist
ranges all-marks todo-marks mdir mfile
pgname ls permarkfile deactivate-mark
(lambda (mark)
(let ((prefix (nnmaildir--art-prefix article))
(suffix (nnmaildir--art-suffix article))
(let ((prefix (nnmaildir--art-prefix nnmaildir--article))
(suffix (nnmaildir--art-suffix nnmaildir--article))
(flag (nnmaildir--mark-to-flag mark)))
(when flag
;; If this mark corresponds to a flag, remove the flag from
;; the file name.
article (nnmaildir--remove-flag flag suffix) curdir))
nnmaildir--article (nnmaildir--remove-flag flag suffix)
;; We still want to delete the hardlink in the marks dir if
;; present, regardless of whether this mark has a maildir flag or
;; not, to avoid getting out of sync.
(setq mfile (nnmaildir--subdir marksdir (symbol-name mark))
mfile (concat mfile prefix))
(nnmaildir--unlink mfile)))
del-action (lambda (article) (mapcar del-mark todo-marks))
(nnmaildir--unlink mfile))))
(del-action (lambda (article)
(let ((nnmaildir--article article))
(mapcar del-mark todo-marks))))
(lambda (article)
(lambda (mark)
......@@ -1695,13 +1697,14 @@ by nnmaildir-request-article.")
(rename-file permarkfilenew permarkfile 'replace)
(add-name-to-file permarkfile mfile)))
(t (signal (car err) (cdr err))))))))
set-action (lambda (article)
(set-action (lambda (article)
(funcall add-action article)
(mapcar (lambda (mark)
(unless (memq mark todo-marks)
(funcall del-mark mark)))
(let ((nnmaildir--article article))
(mapcar (lambda (mark)
(unless (memq mark todo-marks)
(funcall del-mark mark)))
(catch 'return
(unless group
(setf (nnmaildir--srv-error nnmaildir--cur-server)
......@@ -1728,7 +1731,7 @@ by nnmaildir-request-article.")
(setq ranges (car action)
todo-marks (caddr action))
(dolist (mark todo-marks)
(add-to-list 'all-marks mark))
(pushnew mark all-marks :test #'equal))
(if (numberp (cdr ranges)) (setq ranges (list ranges)))
(nnmaildir--nlist-iterate nlist ranges
(cond ((eq 'del (cadr action)) del-action)
......@@ -1775,6 +1778,8 @@ by nnmaildir-request-article.")
(defun nnmaildir-close-server (&optional server)
(defvar flist) (defvar ls) (defvar dirs) (defvar dir)
(defvar files) (defvar file) (defvar x)
(let (flist ls dirs dir files file x)
(nnmaildir--prepare server nil)
(when nnmaildir--cur-server
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