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(send-mail-function, mail): Doc fixes.

parent 422fbe5f
......@@ -58,7 +58,8 @@ Delete these headers from old message when it's inserted in a reply.")
(defvar send-mail-function 'sendmail-send-it "\
Function to call to send the current buffer as mail.
The headers are be delimited by a line which is `mail-header-separator'.")
The headers should be delimited by a line whose contents
match the variable `mail-header-separator'.")
(defvar mail-header-separator "--text follows this line--" "\
......@@ -875,7 +876,7 @@ and don't delete any header fields."
When this function returns, the buffer `*mail*' is selected.
The value is t if the message was newly initialized; otherwise, nil.
By default, the signature file `~/.signature' is inserted at the end;
Optionally, the signature file `~/.signature' can be inserted at the end;
see the variable `mail-signature'.
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