Commit 1bc83413 authored by Martin Rudalics's avatar Martin Rudalics
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Fix last fix of window--display-buffer.

parent 0e8bc990
......@@ -5191,7 +5191,7 @@ BUFFER and WINDOW are live."
(delta (- new-height (window-total-size window))))
((and (window-resizable-p window delta nil 'safe)
((and (window--resizable-p window delta nil 'safe)
(window-combined-p window))
(window-resize window delta nil 'safe))
((or (eq type 'frame)
......@@ -5214,7 +5214,7 @@ BUFFER and WINDOW are live."
(delta (- new-width (window-total-size window t))))
((and (window-resizable-p window delta t 'safe)
((and (window--resizable-p window delta t 'safe)
(window-combined-p window t))
(window-resize window delta t 'safe))
((or (eq type 'frame)
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