Commit 1bc981d2 authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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Don't let the 'B' interactive spec default to buffers viewed in

	any visible frame.
	* buffer.c (Fother_buffer): Pass Qt as the second argument
	to Fget_buffer_window.
	* window.c (window_loop): In GET_BUFFER_WINDOW case, ignore
	non-visible frames.
	(Fget_buffer_window): Change doc string to mention that passing Qt
	for the FRAME argument returns windows on visible frames only.
	(Qvisible): Removed.
parent db732e5a
......@@ -30,7 +30,6 @@ the Free Software Foundation, 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA. */
#include "keyboard.h"
Lisp_Object Qwindowp, Qwindow_live_p;
Lisp_Object Qvisible;
Lisp_Object Fnext_window (), Fdelete_window (), Fselect_window ();
Lisp_Object Fset_window_buffer (), Fsplit_window (), Frecenter ();
......@@ -1059,7 +1058,6 @@ argument ALL_FRAMES is non-nil, cycle through all frames.")
/* Look at all windows, performing an operation specified by TYPE
with argument OBJ.
If FRAMES is Qt, look at all frames;
Qvisible, look at visible frames (GET_BUFFER_WINDOW only);
Qnil, look at just the selected frame;
a frame, just look at windows on that frame.
If MINI is non-zero, perform the operation on minibuffer windows too.
......@@ -1147,10 +1145,9 @@ window_loop (type, obj, mini, frames)
switch (type)
/* Perhaps ignore invisible and iconified frames. */
if (EQ (frames, Qvisible)
&& (! FRAME_VISIBLE_P (w_frame)
|| FRAME_ICONIFIED_P (w_frame)))
/* Ignore invisible and iconified frames. */
if (! FRAME_VISIBLE_P (w_frame)
|| FRAME_ICONIFIED_P (w_frame))
if (XBUFFER (XWINDOW (w)->buffer) == XBUFFER (obj))
return w;
......@@ -1276,8 +1273,8 @@ frame, search only that frame.\n")
DEFUN ("get-buffer-window", Fget_buffer_window, Sget_buffer_window, 1, 2, 0,
"Return a window currently displaying BUFFER, or nil if none.\n\
If optional argument FRAME is t, search all frames.\n\
If FRAME is `visible', search all visible frames.\n\
If optional argument FRAME is t, search all visible frames.\n\
If FRAME is nil, search only the selected frame.\n\
If FRAME is a frame, search only that frame.\n")
(buffer, frame)
Lisp_Object buffer, frame;
......@@ -2901,9 +2898,6 @@ syms_of_window ()
Qwindow_live_p = intern ("window-live-p");
staticpro (&Qwindow_live_p);
Qvisible = intern ("Qvisible");
staticpro (&Qvisible);
/* Make sure all windows get marked */
staticpro (&minibuf_window);
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