Commit 1bd6cd6c authored by Katsumi Yamaoka's avatar Katsumi Yamaoka
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(message-idna-to-ascii-rhs-1): Fix previous commit.

(message-idna-to-ascii-rhs): Add a comment.  Suggested by RMS.
parent f7ede2fa
......@@ -5635,14 +5635,13 @@ subscribed address (and not the additional To and Cc header contents)."
(dolist (rhs
(mapcar (lambda (rhs) (or (cadr (split-string rhs "@")) ""))
(mapcar (lambda (domain)
(if domain
(downcase domain)
(mapcar 'downcase
(mail-extract-address-components field t))))))
(setq ace (if (string-match "\\`[[:ascii:]]+\\'" rhs)
;; Note that `rhs' will be "" if the address does not have
;; the domain part, i.e., if it is a local user's address.
(setq ace (if (string-match "\\`[[:ascii:]]*\\'" rhs)
(downcase (idna-to-ascii rhs))))
(when (and (not (equal rhs ace))
......@@ -5664,6 +5663,12 @@ See `message-idna-encode'."
(when message-use-idna
;; `message-narrow-to-head' that recognizes only the first empty
;; line as the message header separator used to be used here.
;; However, since there is the "--text follows this line--" line
;; normally, it failed in narrowing to the headers and potentially
;; caused the IDNA encoding on lines that look like headers in
;; the message body.
(message-idna-to-ascii-rhs-1 "From")
(message-idna-to-ascii-rhs-1 "To")
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