Commit 1bea9ec4 authored by Bill Wohler's avatar Bill Wohler

Autoload mm-uu for mm-uu-dissect to avoid compiler warning in Emacs

parent 9a51cf9e
......@@ -47,6 +47,7 @@
(autoload 'gnus-eval-format "gnus-spec")
(autoload 'gnus-get-buffer-create "gnus")
(autoload 'message-options-set-recipient "message")
(autoload 'mm-uu-dissect "mm-uu")
(autoload 'mml-attach-file "mml")
(autoload 'mml-insert-empty-tag "mml")
(autoload 'mml-minibuffer-read-description "mml")
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