Commit 1beaad81 authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney
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(XTread_socket): Map mouse wheel events to Emacs

parent e9ec1a29
......@@ -7682,9 +7682,11 @@ XTread_socket (int sd, struct input_event *bufp, int numchars, int expected)
GetEventParameter(eventRef, kEventParamMouseLocation,
typeQDPoint, NULL, sizeof (Point),
NULL, &point);
bufp->kind = MOUSE_WHEEL_EVENT;
bufp->code = delta;
bufp->modifiers = mac_event_to_emacs_modifiers(eventRef);
bufp->kind = WHEEL_EVENT;
bufp->code = 0;
bufp->modifiers = (mac_event_to_emacs_modifiers(eventRef)
| ((delta < 0) ? down_modifier
: up_modifier));
SetPort (GetWindowPort (window_ptr));
GlobalToLocal (&point);
XSETINT (bufp->x, point.h);
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