Commit 1c276bdd authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* lisp/obsolete/assoc.el (aget): Prefix dynamic variable.

parent e3d71abf
2013-11-14 Glenn Morris <>
* obsolete/assoc.el (aget): Prefix dynamic variable.
* allout-widgets.el (allout-widgets): No need to autoload defgroup.
2013-11-14 Stefan Monnier <>
* widget.el, hfy-cmap.el: Remove bogus package version number.
......@@ -102,14 +102,14 @@ returned.
If no key-value pair matching KEY could be found in ALIST, or ALIST is
nil then nil is returned. ALIST is not altered."
(defvar copy)
(let ((copy (copy-alist alist)))
(defvar assoc--copy)
(let ((assoc--copy (copy-alist alist)))
(cond ((null alist) nil)
((progn (asort 'copy key)
(anot-head-p copy key)) nil)
((cdr (car copy)))
((progn (asort 'assoc--copy key) ; dynamic binding
(anot-head-p assoc--copy key)) nil)
((cdr (car assoc--copy)))
(keynil-p nil)
((car (car copy)))
((car (car assoc--copy)))
(t nil))))
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