Commit 1c2c3f16 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(standard-display-default): Make the test of `l'

parent f6499c03
2000-08-24 Dave Love <>
* disp-table.el (standard-display-default): Make the test of `l'
* language/european.el ("Latin-8", "Latin-9"): Add input methods,
mod sample text.
......@@ -121,9 +121,8 @@ Valid symbols are `truncation', `wrap', `escape', `control',
(defun standard-display-default (l h)
"Display characters in the range L to H using the default notation."
(while (<= l h)
(if (and (>= l ?\ ) (< l 127))
(aset standard-display-table l nil)
(aset standard-display-table l nil))
(if (and (>= l ?\ ) (char-valid-p l))
(aset standard-display-table l nil))
(setq l (1+ l))))
;; This function does NOT take terminal-dependent escape sequences.
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