Commit 1c349c62 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Remove unreliable assertion in buf_bytepos_to_charpos

* src/marker.c (buf_bytepos_to_charpos): Remove the assertion
regarding bytepos always at the head byte of a multibyte
sequence.  For the reasons, see
parent c5c2acd1
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......@@ -332,12 +332,6 @@ buf_bytepos_to_charpos (struct buffer *b, ptrdiff_t bytepos)
if (best_above == best_above_byte)
return bytepos;
#if 0
/* Check bytepos is not in the middle of a character. */
eassert (bytepos >= BUF_Z_BYTE (b)
|| CHAR_HEAD_P (BUF_FETCH_BYTE (b, bytepos)));
best_below = BEG;
best_below_byte = BEG_BYTE;
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