Commit 1c511be4 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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Replace foo-p as var name with foo-flag, not foo-p-flag.
parent e711842f
......@@ -1592,18 +1592,22 @@ function,command,variable,option or symbol." ms1))))))
;; If the doc string starts with "Non-nil means"
(if (and (looking-at "\"\\*?Non-nil\\s-+means\\s-+")
(not (string-match "-flag$" (car fp))))
(let ((newname
(if (string-match "-p$" (car fp))
(concat (substring (car fp) 0 -2) "-flag")
(concat (car fp) "-flag"))))
(if (checkdoc-y-or-n-p
"Rename to %s and Query-Replace all occurances? "
(concat (car fp) "-flag")))
(concat "\\<" (regexp-quote (car fp)) "\\>")
(concat (car fp) "-flag")))
"Flag variable names should normally end in `-flag'" s
(marker-position e))))
(marker-position e)))))
;; Done with variables
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