Commit 1c62c12f authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(cua--prefix-arg): Make register prefixes

work again. Corrected error in check for C-u initiated prefix.
parent 83cfd18f
......@@ -653,17 +653,19 @@ Repeating prefix key when region is active works as a single prefix key."
(defun cua--prefix-arg (arg)
(setq cua--register
(and cua-enable-register-prefix
(integerp (this-command-keys))
(cond ((eq cua-enable-register-prefix 'not-ctrl-u)
(not (= (aref (this-command-keys) 0) ?\C-u)))
((eq cua-enable-register-prefix 'ctrl-u-only)
(= (aref (this-command-keys) 0) ?\C-u))
(t t))
(integerp arg) (>= arg 0) (< arg 10)
(let* ((prefix (aref (this-command-keys) 0))
(ctrl-u-prefix (and (integerp prefix)
(= prefix ?\C-u)))))
((eq cua-enable-register-prefix 'not-ctrl-u)
(not ctrl-u-prefix))
((eq cua-enable-register-prefix 'ctrl-u-only)
(t t))
(+ arg ?0)))
(if cua--register nil arg))
;;; Enhanced undo - restore rectangle selections
(defun cua-undo (&optional arg)
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