Commit 1c7df982 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(free_frame_xic) [HAVE_X_I18N]: Add missing semicolon.

parent 7233c5bd
......@@ -2810,10 +2810,10 @@ extern void syms_of_xfns P_ ((void));
extern void init_xfns P_ ((void));
EXFUN (Fxw_display_color_p, 1);
#ifdef HAVE_X_I18N
extern void free_frame_xic P_ ((struct frame *))
extern void free_frame_xic P_ ((struct frame *));
/* Fixme: x_defined_color needs declaring, but needs FRAME_PTR and XColor. */
#endif /* HAVE_X_WINDOWS */
/* Defined in xselect.c */
extern void syms_of_xselect P_ ((void));
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