Commit 1ca07425 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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When creating a fontset from a specified ASCII

font, don't use the resolved fon tname for the new fontset name.
parent 6deb1543
......@@ -674,11 +674,11 @@ This is in addition to the primary selection.")
(let ((font (or (cdr (assq 'font initial-frame-alist))
(cdr (assq 'font default-frame-alist))
(x-get-resource "font" "Font")))
resolved-name xlfd-fields)
(if (and font
(not (query-fontset font))
(setq resolved-name (x-resolve-font-name font))
(setq xlfd-fields (x-decompose-font-name resolved-name)))
(x-resolve-font-name font)
(setq xlfd-fields (x-decompose-font-name font)))
(if (string= "fontset"
(aref xlfd-fields xlfd-regexp-registry-subnum))
(new-fontset font (x-complement-fontset-spec xlfd-fields nil))
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