Commit 1cb33438 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

Move here from ../lisp

parent d264b59a
2008-04-26 Glenn Morris <>
* forms-d2.dat: Move here from ../lisp.
2008-04-06 Jason Rumney <>
* HELLO (Burmese): Rename from Myanmar.
comp.sources.unix v11i008 269 getty-enable 1 (Ronald S. Karr) Getty on/off programs for 4.[23] BSD 890505 This program can be used to dynamically enable / disable terminal lines on a BSD system.
comp.sources.unix 11 v11i022 283 syslog 1 emory!arnold (Arnold D. Robbins {EUCC}) Development version of syslog(3), for ATT, too 28/08/1987
comp.sources.unix 11 v11i033 290 less3 3 sun!intsc!convgt!mark The 'less' pager 02/09/1987
comp.sources.unix 11 v11i036 293 test.el 3 "Mark A. Ardis" <> Test system for GNU Emacs 10/09/1987
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