Commit 1cdd0e8c authored by Noam Postavsky's avatar Noam Postavsky

Disable history expansion in eshell (Bug#29157)

History expansion is not so useful since interactive history commands
are already provided.  It can produce surprising errors when the user
is not aware of the history designator syntax.
* lisp/eshell/em-hist.el (eshell-hist-initialize): Don't add
eshell-expand-history-references to eshell-expand-input-functions.
* etc/NEWS: Announce it.
parent cfa50d30
......@@ -113,6 +113,15 @@ styles as configured by the variable 'completion-styles'.
These macros are analogue to 'let' and 'let*', but create bindings that
are evaluated lazily.
** Eshell
*** Expansion of history event designators is disabled by default.
To restore the old behavior, use
(add-hook 'eshell-expand-input-functions
* New Modes and Packages in Emacs 27.1
......@@ -218,9 +218,6 @@ Returns nil if INPUT is prepended by blank space, otherwise non-nil."
(defun eshell-hist-initialize ()
"Initialize the history management code for one Eshell buffer."
(add-hook 'eshell-expand-input-functions
'eshell-expand-history-references nil t)
(when (eshell-using-module 'eshell-cmpl)
(add-hook 'pcomplete-try-first-hook
'eshell-complete-history-reference nil t))
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