Commit 1cf4a0d1 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(XTread_socket, KeyPress case): Clear compose_status

if the key has the meta modifier.
parent 0e8ab974
......@@ -3732,6 +3732,14 @@ XTread_socket (sd, bufp, numchars, expected)
| dpyinfo->hyper_mod_mask
| dpyinfo->alt_mod_mask);
/* In case Meta is ComposeCharacter,
clear its status. According to Markus Ehrnsperger
this enables ComposeCharacter to work whether or
not it is combined with Meta. */
if (modifiers & dpyinfo->meta_mod_mask)
bzero (&compose_status, sizeof (compose_status));
#ifdef HAVE_X_I18N
if (FRAME_XIC (f))
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