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......@@ -88,6 +88,23 @@ See the files mac/README and mac/INSTALL for build instructions.
* Changes in Emacs 21.4
** recentf changes.
The recent file list is now automatically cleanup when recentf mode is
enabled. The new option `recentf-auto-cleanup' controls when to do
automatic cleanup.
With the more advanced option: `recentf-filename-handler', you can
specify a function that transforms filenames handled by recentf. For
example, if set to `file-truename', the same file will not be in the
recent list with different symbolic links.
To follow naming convention, `recentf-keep-non-readable-files-flag'
and `recentf-menu-append-commands-flag' respectively replace the
misnamed options `recentf-keep-non-readable-files-p' and
`recentf-menu-append-commands-p'. The old names remain available as
aliases, but have been marked obsolete.
** The default for the paper size (variable ps-paper-type) is taken
from the locale.
2003-04-27 David Ponce <>
* recentf.el
Major rewrite. The code is reordered, cleaner and faster.
Introduced new options to automatically cleanup the recent list,
and to handle filename transformation (for example to use true
(recentf-version): New constant.
(recentf-save-file-header): Moved.
(recentf-data-cache): New variable.
(recentf-update-menu-p, recentf-initialized-p): Removed.
(recentf-menu-customization-changed): Moved. Doc fix.
(recentf-max-saved-items): Doc fix.
(recentf-save-file): Doc fix. No more expand filename here.
(recentf-exclude, recentf-menu-action)
(recentf-menu-filter): Doc fix.
(recentf-menu-append-commands-flag): Renamed from...
(recentf-menu-append-commands-p): Made obsolete.
(recentf-keep-non-readable-files-flag): Renamed from...
(recentf-keep-non-readable-files-p): Made obsolete.
(recentf-auto-cleanup, recentf-filename-handler): New options.
(recentf-string-equal, recentf-string-lessp)
(recentf-string-member): New functions.
(recentf-trunc-list): Moved.
(recentf-dump-variable): Moved. Better code and output format.
(recentf-auto-cleanup-timer): New variable.
(recentf-auto-cleanup): New function.
(recentf-push, recentf-expand-file-name): New functions.
(recentf-add-file): In-lined. Use above functions.
(recentf-remove-if-non-readable): In-lined. Expand file name.
(recentf-find-file): Use `recentf-remove-if-non-readable'.
(recentf-directory-compare): Moved. Use `recentf-string-equal'
and `recentf-string-lessp' to do comparisons.
(recentf-menu-filter-commands): Moved.
(recentf-elements, recentf-make-menu-element)
(recentf-menu-element-item, recentf-menu-element-value)
(recentf-set-menu-element-item, recentf-set-menu-element-value)
(recentf-sub-menu-element-p, recentf-make-default-menu-element)
(recentf-menu-elements): In-lined. Some doc fix.
(recentf-apply-menu-filter): Better code.
(recentf-make-menu-items): Doc fix. Use
(recentf-make-menu-item): In-lined. Better code.
(recentf-clear-data): New function.
(recentf-sort-ascending, recentf-sort-descending)
(recentf-show-basenames-descending: In-lined. Better code. Some
doc fix.
(recentf-relative-filter): Better code. Doc fix.
(recentf-arrange-by-rule-subfilter): Doc fix. Improved :set code.
(recentf-match-rule-p): Use filename instead of file-path.
(recentf-arrange-by-rule, recentf-build-mode-rules)
(recentf-arrange-by-mode, recentf-build-dir-rules)
(recentf-filter-changer-alist): Some doc fix and code cleanup.
(recentf-filter-changer-goto-next): Doc fix. Call
(recentf-filter-changer-get-next): In-lined. Doc fix and better
(recentf-filter-changer): Doc fix and better code.
(recentf-cancel-dialog): Doc fix.
(recentf-dialog-mode-map): Initialized in defvar.
(recentf-dialog-mode): Doc fix.
(recentf-track-opened-file): Renamed from...
(recentf-add-file-hook): Removed.
(recentf-track-closed-file): Renamed from...
(recentf-remove-file-hook): Removed.
(recentf-update-menu-hook): Removed. Replaced by...
(recentf-update-menu): New. Better catch unnecessary updates.
Display a message on error.
(recentf-used-hooks): New constant.
(recentf-enabled-p): New function.
(recentf-open-files-item-shift): Doc fix.
(recentf-open-files-item): Doc fix. Code cleanup.
(recentf-edit-list, recentf-open-files)
(recentf-open-more-files): Likewise. Removed autoload cookie.
(recentf-save-list, recentf-cleanup): Likewise. Moved.
(recentf-load-list): New command.
(recentf-mode): Better code. Does nothing if enabling the already
enabled mode.
2003-04-27 Alan Mackenzie <>
* emacs-lisp/regexp-opt.el (regexp-opt-depth): Don't count a "//("
......@@ -35,7 +128,7 @@
2003-04-24 Lars Hansen <>
* subr.el (assq-delete-all): Ignore non-cons elememts.
* subr.el (assq-delete-all): Ignore non-cons elements.
2003-04-24 John Paul Wallington <>
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