Commit 1d256714 authored by Juanma Barranquero's avatar Juanma Barranquero
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(Finternal_lisp_face_p): Doc fix.

parent c10ce82e
2005-07-21 Juanma Barranquero <>
* buffer.c (syms_of_buffer) <cursor-type>: Doc fix.
* ccl.c (Fregister_ccl_program): Fix typos in docstring.
(Fccl_execute_on_string): Likewise; add usage info.
* composite.c (Fcompose_region_internal)
Improve argument/docstring consistency.
* minibuf.c (Fminibuffer_prompt_end, Feval_minibuffer):
Fix typos in docstrings.
* textprop.c (Fnext_char_property_change)
(Fprevious_char_property_change): Doc fixes.
* window.c (Fset_window_margins, Fset_window_fringes):
Improve argument/docstring consistency.
* xfaces.c (Finternal_lisp_face_p): Doc fix.
2005-07-21 Andreas Schwab <>
* eval.c (restore_stack_limits): Return a value.
......@@ -3907,7 +3907,7 @@ Value is a vector of face attributes. */)
DEFUN ("internal-lisp-face-p", Finternal_lisp_face_p,
Sinternal_lisp_face_p, 1, 2, 0,
doc: /* Return non-nil if FACE names a face.
If optional second parameter FRAME is non-nil, check for the
If optional second argument FRAME is non-nil, check for the
existence of a frame-local face with name FACE on that frame.
Otherwise check for the existence of a global face. */)
(face, frame)
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