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(Fwrite_region): Doc fix.

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......@@ -2436,11 +2436,11 @@ Optional fourth argument APPEND if non-nil means\n\
Optional fifth argument VISIT if t means\n\
set the last-save-file-modtime of buffer to this file's modtime\n\
and mark buffer not modified.\n\
If VISIT is neither t nor nil, it means do not print\n\
the \"Wrote file\" message.\n\
If VISIT is a string, it is a second file name;\n\
the output goes to FILENAME, but the buffer is marked as visiting VISIT.\n\
VISIT is also the file name to lock and unlock for clash detection.\n\
If VISIT is neither t nor nil nor a string,\n\
that means do not print the \"Wrote file\" message.\n\
Kludgy feature: if START is a string, then that string is written\n\
to the file, instead of any buffer contents, and END is ignored.")
(start, end, filename, append, visit)
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