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Doc fix for package-menu-filter

* lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package-menu-filter): Document the
use of arc:ARCHIVE and status:STATUS (bug#24883).
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......@@ -3543,10 +3543,16 @@ shown."
(defun package-menu-filter (keyword)
"Filter the *Packages* buffer.
Show only those items that relate to the specified KEYWORD.
KEYWORD can be a string or a list of strings. If it is a list, a
package will be displayed if it matches any of the keywords.
Interactively, it is a list of strings separated by commas.
KEYWORD can also be used to filter by status or archive name by
using keywords like \"arc:gnu\" and \"status:available\".
Statuses available include \"incompat\", \"available\",
\"built-in\" and \"installed\".
To restore the full package list, type `q'."
(list (completing-read-multiple
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