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......@@ -1870,24 +1870,32 @@ behavior in older versions of Emacs).
*** Topic cryptography added, enabling easy gpg topic encryption and
decryption. Per-topic basis enables interspersing encrypted-text and
clear-text within a single file to your hearts content, using symmetric
clear-text within a single file to your heart's content, using symmetric
and/or public key modes. Time-limited key caching, user-provided
symmetric key hinting and consistency verification, auto-encryption of
pending topics on save, and more, make it easy to use encryption in
powerful ways.
*** many substantial fixes and refinements, including:
*** Default command prefix changed to "\C-c " (control-c space), to avoid
intruding on user's keybinding space. Customize the
`allout-command-prefix' variable to your preference.
*** Allout now uses text overlay's `invisible' property (and others) for
concealed text, instead of selective-display. This simplifies the code, in
particularly avoiding the need for kludges for isearch dynamic-display,
discretionary handling of edits of concealed text, undo concerns, etc.
*** Many substantial fixes and refinements, including:
- repaired inhibition of inadvertent edits to concealed text
- repaired retention of topic body hanging indent upon topic depth shifts
- prevent "containment discontinuities" where a topic is shifted deeper
than the offspring-depth of its container
- easy to adopt the distinctive bullet of a topic in a topic created
relative to it, or select a new one, or use the common topic bullet
- plain bullets, by default, now alternate between only two characters
('.' and ','), yielding less cluttered outlines
- many internal fixes
- version number incremented to 2.1
- refuse to create "containment discontinuities", where a
topic is shifted deeper than the offspring-depth of its' container
- bulleting variation is simpler and more accommodating, both in the
default behavior and in ability to vary when creating new topics
- many internal fixes and refinements
- many module and function docstring clarifications
- version number incremented to 2.2
** The variable `woman-topic-at-point' was renamed
to `woman-use-topic-at-point' and behaves differently: if this
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