Commit 1d52da10 authored by Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen
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* printing.el: Add documentation to all the `pr-toggle-' commands.

parent 7261e1cf
2011-07-11 Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen <>
* printing.el: Add documentation to all the `pr-toggle-' commands.
2011-07-11 Leo <> (tiny change)
* files.el (toggle-read-only): Only do the `C-x C-q' warning on VC
......@@ -5346,102 +5346,119 @@ If menu binding was not done, calls `pr-menu-bind'."
(defun pr-toggle-file-duplex-menu (&optional no-menu)
"Toggle whether to print PostScript files in duplex mode."
(pr-toggle 'pr-file-duplex "PS file duplex" nil 7 5 nil
'("PostScript Print" "File") no-menu))
(defun pr-toggle-file-tumble-menu (&optional no-menu)
"Toggle whether to print PostScript files in tumble mode."
(pr-toggle 'pr-file-tumble "PS file tumble" nil 8 5 nil
'("PostScript Print" "File") no-menu))
(defun pr-toggle-file-landscape-menu (&optional no-menu)
"Toggle whether to print PostScript files in landscape orientation."
(pr-toggle 'pr-file-landscape "PS file landscape" nil 6 5 nil
'("PostScript Print" "File") no-menu))
(defun pr-toggle-ghostscript-menu (&optional no-menu)
"Toggle whether to print using ghostscript."
(pr-toggle 'pr-print-using-ghostscript "Printing using ghostscript"
'postscript-process 2 12 'toggle nil no-menu))
(defun pr-toggle-faces-menu (&optional no-menu)
"Toggle whether to print with face attributes."
(pr-toggle 'pr-faces-p "Printing with faces"
'postscript-process 1 12 'toggle nil no-menu))
(defun pr-toggle-spool-menu (&optional no-menu)
"Toggle whether to spool printing in a buffer."
(pr-toggle 'pr-spool-p "Spooling printing"
'postscript-process 0 12 'toggle nil no-menu))
(defun pr-toggle-duplex-menu (&optional no-menu)
"Toggle whether to generate PostScript for a two-sided printer."
(pr-toggle 'ps-spool-duplex "Printing duplex"
'postscript-options 5 12 'toggle nil no-menu))
(defun pr-toggle-tumble-menu (&optional no-menu)
"Toggle how pages on opposite sides of a sheet are oriented."
(pr-toggle 'ps-spool-tumble "Tumble"
'postscript-options 6 12 'toggle nil no-menu))
(defun pr-toggle-landscape-menu (&optional no-menu)
"Toggle whether to print in landscape mode."
(pr-toggle 'ps-landscape-mode "Landscape"
'postscript-options 0 12 'toggle nil no-menu))
(defun pr-toggle-upside-down-menu (&optional no-menu)
"Toggle whether to print upside-down (that is, rotated by 180 degrees)."
(pr-toggle 'ps-print-upside-down "Upside-Down"
'postscript-options 7 12 'toggle nil no-menu))
(defun pr-toggle-line-menu (&optional no-menu)
"Toggle whether to means print line numbers."
(pr-toggle 'ps-line-number "Line number"
'postscript-options 3 12 'toggle nil no-menu))
(defun pr-toggle-zebra-menu (&optional no-menu)
"Toggle whether to print zebra stripes."
(pr-toggle 'ps-zebra-stripes "Zebra stripe"
'postscript-options 4 12 'toggle nil no-menu))
(defun pr-toggle-header-menu (&optional no-menu)
"Toggle whether to print a header at the top of each page."
(pr-toggle 'ps-print-header "Print header"
'postscript-options 1 12 'toggle nil no-menu))
(defun pr-toggle-header-frame-menu (&optional no-menu)
"Toggle whether to draw a gaudy frame around the header."
(pr-toggle 'ps-print-header-frame "Print header frame"
'postscript-options 2 12 'toggle nil no-menu))
(defun pr-toggle-lock-menu (&optional no-menu)
"Toggle whether the menu is locked while selecting toggle options."
(pr-toggle 'pr-menu-lock "Menu lock"
'printing 2 12 'toggle nil no-menu))
(defun pr-toggle-region-menu (&optional no-menu)
"Toggle whether the region is automagically detected."
(pr-toggle 'pr-auto-region "Auto region"
'printing 0 12 'toggle nil no-menu))
(defun pr-toggle-mode-menu (&optional no-menu)
"Toggle whether major-mode specific printing is prefered over normal printing."
(pr-toggle 'pr-auto-mode "Auto mode"
'printing 1 12 'toggle nil no-menu))
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