Commit 1d7151e9 authored by Filipp Gunbin's avatar Filipp Gunbin
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Fix Bug#32107

* lisp/progmodes/sql.el (sql-buffer-live-p): Fix handling of optional
  connection argument.  (Bug#32107)
parent 39489f78
......@@ -1270,8 +1270,9 @@ specified, it's `sql-product' or `sql-connection' must match."
(and (derived-mode-p 'sql-interactive-mode)
(or (not product)
(eq product sql-product))
(or (stringp connection)
(string= connection sql-connection)))))))
(or (not connection)
(and (stringp connection)
(string= connection sql-connection))))))))
;; Keymap for sql-interactive-mode.
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