Commit 1d7e9a01 authored by Michael Albinus's avatar Michael Albinus
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* net/tramp.el (tramp-handle-write-region): Improve the check for

calling direct copy.
(tramp-find-inline-encoding): Don't raise an error but a warning,
when no inline encoding is found.
(tramp-get-remote-coding): Check for a symbol.  The negative check
for a string fails, when there is an empty string.
parent f4bd91be
......@@ -40,10 +40,6 @@
;; and higher. For XEmacs 21, you need the package `fsf-compat' for
;; the `with-timeout' macro.)
;; This version might not work with pre-Emacs 21 VC unless VC is
;; loaded before tramp.el. Could you please test this and tell me about
;; the result? Thanks.
;; Also see the todo list at the bottom of this file.
;; The current version of Tramp can be retrieved from the following URL:
......@@ -4297,13 +4293,13 @@ Returns a file name in `tramp-auto-save-directory' for autosaving this file."
;; `rename-file' handles direct copy and out-of-band methods.
((or (tramp-local-host-p v)
(and (tramp-method-out-of-band-p v)
(integerp start)
(> (- end start) tramp-copy-size-limit)))
(> (- (or end (point-max)) (or start (point-min)))
(rename-file tmpfile filename t))
;; Use inline file transfer
;; Use inline file transfer.
;; Encode tmpfile
;; Encode tmpfile.
(tramp-message v 5 "Encoding region...")
......@@ -6108,11 +6104,9 @@ Goes through the list `tramp-local-coding-commands' and
(setq rem-dec (nth 2 ritem))
(setq found t)))))))
;; Did we find something? If not, issue an error.
;; Did we find something?
(unless found
(kill-process (tramp-get-connection-process vec))
vec 'file-error "Couldn't find an inline transfer encoding"))
(tramp-message vec 2 "Couldn't find an inline transfer encoding"))
;; Set connection properties.
(tramp-message vec 5 "Using local encoding `%s'" loc-enc)
......@@ -7152,7 +7146,7 @@ necessary only. This function will be used in file name completion."
(let ((ret (tramp-get-local-coding vec prop)))
;; The connection property might have been cached. So we must send
;; the script - maybe.
(when (not (stringp ret))
(when (and ret (symbolp ret))
(let ((name (symbol-name ret)))
(while (string-match (regexp-quote "-") name)
(setq name (replace-match "_" nil t name)))
......@@ -7566,6 +7560,8 @@ Only works for Bourne-like shells."
;; SSH instance, would correctly be propagated to the remote process
;; automatically; possibly SSH would have to be started with
;; "-t". (Markus Triska)
;; * Support IPv6 hostnames. Use "/[some:ip:v6:address:for:tramp]:/",
;; which is the syntax used on web browsers. (Óscar Fuentes)
;; Functions for file-name-handler-alist:
;; diff-latest-backup-file -- in diff.el
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