Commit 1d919365 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

*** empty log message ***

parent 544bdc40
......@@ -495,6 +495,20 @@ but which can also be used as a modifier).
* Internal changes
** Merge ibuffer.el and buff-menu.el.
More specifically do what's needed to make ibuffer.el the default,
or just an extension of buff-menu.el.
** Use pcomplete by default in shell-mode.
This means to make it behave (by default) more like the current code.
Use it also for read-shell-command, M-x compile, ...
** Merge sendmail.el and messages.el.
Probably not a complete merge, but at least arrange for messages.el to be
a derived mode of sendmail.el. Or arrange for messages.el to be split
into a small core and "the rest" so that we use less resources as long as
we stick to the features provided in sendmail.el.
** Replace gmalloc.c with the modified Doug Lea code from the current
GNU libc so that the special mmapping of buffers can be removed --
that apparently loses under Solaris, at least. [fx has mostly done
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