Commit 1d935403 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

* lisp/comint.el: Fix understickiness of non-comint properties

When a third party package adds properties to the prompt they don't
necessarily want to be `read-nonsticky` (e.g. for the `cursor-intangible`
property), so replace the catchall `rear-nonsticky t` with an
actual list of the properties that we want to be `rear-nonsticky`.

(comint-send-input, comint-output-filter): Don't mark
all properties as non-sticky.
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......@@ -1917,7 +1917,8 @@ Similarly for Soar, Scheme, etc."
(unless (or no-newline comint-use-prompt-regexp)
;; Cover the terminating newline
(add-text-properties end (1+ end)
'(rear-nonsticky t
(field inhibit-line-move-field-capture read-only)
field boundary
inhibit-line-move-field-capture t)))))
......@@ -2126,7 +2127,8 @@ Make backspaces delete the previous character."
(add-text-properties comint-last-output-start (point)
(field inhibit-line-move-field-capture)
rear-nonsticky t
(field inhibit-line-move-field-capture read-only)
field output
inhibit-line-move-field-capture t))))
......@@ -2155,7 +2157,9 @@ Make backspaces delete the previous character."
(font-lock-prepend-text-property prompt-start (point)
(add-text-properties prompt-start (point) '(rear-nonsticky t)))
(add-text-properties prompt-start (point)
(field inhibit-line-move-field-capture read-only))))
(goto-char saved-point)))))))
(defun comint-preinput-scroll-to-bottom ()
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