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Describe blink-cursor-alist and new values for cursor-type.

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......@@ -516,14 +516,24 @@ in this frame. Its value is @code{color}, @code{grayscale} or
@item cursor-type
The way to display the cursor. The legitimate values are @code{bar},
@code{box}, and @code{(bar . @var{width})}. The symbol @code{box}
specifies an ordinary black box overlaying the character after point;
that is the default. The symbol @code{bar} specifies a vertical bar
between characters as the cursor. @code{(bar . @var{width})}
specifies a bar @var{width} pixels wide. The symbol @code{hbar}
specifies a horizontal bar, an underscore-like cursor. @code{(hbar .
@var{width})} specifiles a horizontal bar @var{width} pixels high.
How to display the cursor. Legitimate values are:
@table @code
@item box
Display a filled box. (This is the default.)
@item hollow
Display a hollow box.
@item nil
Don't display a cursor.
@item bar
Display a vertical bar between characters.
@item (bar . @var{width})
Display a vertical bar @var{width} pixels wide between characters.
@item hbar
Display a horizontal bar.
@item (bar . @var{width})
Display a horizontal bar @var{width} pixels high.
@end table
@vindex cursor-type
The buffer-local variable @code{cursor-type} overrides the value of
......@@ -587,6 +597,20 @@ it and see if it works.)
@end ignore
@end table
@defvar blink-cursor-alist
This variable specifies how to blink the cursor. Each element has the
form @code{(@var{on-state} . @var{off-state})}. Whenever the cursor
type equals @var{on-state} (comparing using @code{equal}), Emacs uses
@var{off-state} to specify what the cursor looks like when it blinks
``off''. Both @var{on-state} and @var{off-state} should be suitable
values for the @code{cursor-type} frame parameter.
There are various defaults for how to blink each type of cursor,
if the type is not mentioned as an @var{on-state} here. Changes
in this variable do not take effect immediately, because the variable
is examined only when you specify a cursor type for a frame.
@end defvar
@node Size and Position
@subsection Frame Size And Position
@cindex size of frame
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