Commit 1daf0dde authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(Fringe Cursors): Fix typo.

(Customizing Bitmaps): Fix define-fringe-bitmap entry.
(Overlay Arrow): Default is overlay-arrow fringe indicator.
parent 7f087030
......@@ -2946,7 +2946,7 @@ fringe.
@defvar fringe-cursor-alist
This variable specifies the mapping from logical cursor type to the
actual fringe bitmaps displayed in the right fringe. The value is an
alist where each element @code{(@var{cursor}. @var{bitmap})} specifies
alist where each element @code{(@var{cursor} . @var{bitmap})} specifies
the fringe bitmaps used to display a specific logical cursor type in
the fringe. Here, @var{cursor} specifies the logical cursor type and
@var{bitmap} is a symbol specifying the fringe bitmap to be displayed
......@@ -3035,12 +3035,6 @@ The @var{align} argument may also be a list @code{(@var{align}
If @var{periodic} is non-@code{nil}, it specifies that the rows in
@code{bits} should be repeated enough times to reach the specified
The return value on success is an integer identifying the new bitmap.
You should save that integer in a variable so it can be used to select
this bitmap.
This function signals an error if there are no more free bitmap slots.
@end defun
@defun destroy-fringe-bitmap bitmap
......@@ -3114,8 +3108,8 @@ Each variable on this list can have properties
specify an overlay arrow string (for text-only terminals) or fringe
bitmap (for graphical terminals) to display at the corresponding
overlay arrow position. If either property is not set, the default
(@code{overlay-arrow-string} or @code{overlay-arrow-fringe-bitmap}) is
@code{overlay-arrow-string} or @code{overlay-arrow} fringe indicator
is used.
@node Scroll Bars
@section Scroll Bars
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