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Sync keywords with finder.el.

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......@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ Similar, but searches for @var{topic} (which can be a regular
expression) in the @emph{text} of the manual rather than in its
@item C-h F
@item C-h C-f
This brings up the Emacs FAQ, where you can use the usual search
commands (@pxref{Search}) to find the information.
......@@ -343,38 +343,40 @@ use:
@multitable {emulations} {aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa}
@item abbrev@tab abbreviation handling, typing shortcuts, macros.
@item bib@tab support for the bibliography processor @code{bib}.
@item c@tab C and C++ language support.
@item bib@tab code related to the @code{bib} bibliography processor.
@item c@tab support for the C language and related languages.
@item calendar@tab calendar and time management support.
@item comm@tab communications, networking, remote access to files.
@item convenience@tab convenience features for faster editing.
@item data@tab support for editing files of data.
@item docs@tab support for Emacs documentation.
@item emulations@tab emulations of other editors.
@item extensions@tab Emacs Lisp language extensions.
@item faces@tab support for using faces (fonts and colors; @pxref{Faces}).
@item faces@tab support for multiple fonts.
@item files@tab support for editing and manipulating files.
@item frames@tab support for Emacs frames and window systems.
@item games@tab games, jokes and amusements.
@item hardware@tab support for interfacing with exotic hardware.
@item help@tab support for on-line help systems.
@item hypermedia@tab support for links within text, or other media types.
@item hypermedia@tab support for links between text or other media types.
@item i18n@tab internationalization and alternate character-set support.
@item internal@tab code for Emacs internals, build process, defaults.
@item languages@tab specialized modes for editing programming languages.
@item lisp@tab support for using Lisp (including Emacs Lisp).
@item local@tab libraries local to your site.
@item lisp@tab Lisp support, including Emacs Lisp.
@item local@tab code local to your site.
@item maint@tab maintenance aids for the Emacs development group.
@item mail@tab modes for electronic-mail handling.
@item matching@tab searching and matching.
@item matching@tab various sorts of searching and matching.
@item mouse@tab mouse support.
@item multimedia@tab images and sound support.
@item news@tab support for netnews reading and posting.
@item non-text@tab support for editing files that are not ordinary text.
@item oop@tab support for object-oriented programming.
@item outlines@tab hierarchical outlining.
@item outlines@tab support for hierarchical outlining.
@item processes@tab process, subshell, compilation, and job control support.
@item terminals@tab support for terminal types.
@item tex@tab support for the @TeX{} formatter.
@item tex@tab supporting code for the @TeX{} formatter.
@item tools@tab programming tools.
@item unix@tab front-ends/assistants for, or emulators of, system features.
@item vms@tab support code for VMS.
@item unix@tab front-ends/assistants for, or emulators of, UNIX-like features.
@item wp@tab word processing.
@end multitable
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