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(Embedded Mode): Add new information on changing modes.

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......@@ -29881,6 +29881,17 @@ Note that @kbd{M-# e} is not to be used in the Calc stack buffer
like most Calc commands, but rather in regular editing buffers that
are visiting your own files.
Calc will try to guess an appropriate language based on the major mode
of the editing buffer. (@xref{Language Modes}.) If the current buffer is
in @code{latex-mode}, for example, Calc will set its language to La@TeX{}.
Similarly, Calc will use @TeX{} language for @code{tex-mode},
@code{plain-tex-mode} and @code{context-mode}, C language for
@code{c-mode} and @code{c++-mode}, FORTRAN language for
@code{fortran-mode} and @code{f90-mode}, Pascal for @code{pascal-mode},
and eqn for @code{nroff-mode}. These can be overridden with Calc's mode
changing commands (@pxref{Mode Settings in Embedded Mode}). If no
suitable language is available, Calc will continue with its current language.
Calc normally scans backward and forward in the buffer for the
nearest opening and closing @dfn{formula delimiters}. The simplest
delimiters are blank lines. Other delimiters that Embedded mode
......@@ -29922,8 +29933,7 @@ forward and backward to delimit the formula. @kbd{M-# w}
When you enable Embedded mode for a formula, Calc reads the text
between the delimiters and tries to interpret it as a Calc formula.
It's best if the current Calc language mode is correct for the
formula, but Calc can generally identify @TeX{} formulas and
Calc can generally identify @TeX{} formulas and
Big-style formulas even if the language mode is wrong. If Calc
can't make sense of the formula, it beeps and refuses to enter
Embedded mode. But if the current language is wrong, Calc can
......@@ -30034,11 +30044,9 @@ be written in multi-line Big mode, it is parsed in Big mode. Otherwise,
it is parsed according to the current language mode.
Note that Calc does not change the current language mode according
to what it finds. Even though it can read a La@TeX{} formula when
the formula it reads in. Even though it can read a La@TeX{} formula when
not in La@TeX{} mode, it will immediately rewrite this formula using
whatever language mode is in effect. You must then type @kbd{d L}
to switch Calc permanently into La@TeX{} mode if that is what you
whatever language mode is in effect.
......@@ -30441,6 +30449,11 @@ use @kbd{M-# u} to update the buffer by hand.
@section Mode Settings in Embedded Mode
The mode settings can be changed while Calc is in embedded mode, but
will revert to their original values when embedded mode is ended
(except for the modes changed while the mode-setting mode was
Embedded mode has a rather complicated mechanism for handling mode
settings in Embedded formulas. It is possible to put annotations
in the file that specify mode settings either global to the entire
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