Commit 1dee7c23 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

(pcomplete-erc-all-nicks): Autoload it, to silence compiler.

parent 595521d7
2009-10-24 Glenn Morris <>
* erc-dcc.el (pcomplete-erc-all-nicks):
* erc-notify.el (pcomplete-erc-all-nicks):
Autoload it, to silence compiler.
* erc-dcc.el (pcomplete/erc-mode/DCC): Replace cl-function
remove-duplicates with erc-delete-dups.
2009-09-27 Johan Bockgård <>
* erc-button.el (erc-button-keymap): Bind `follow-link'.
......@@ -234,6 +234,8 @@ with args, toggle notify status of people."
'notify_list ?l (mapconcat 'identity erc-notify-list " "))))
(autoload 'pcomplete-erc-all-nicks "erc-pcomplete")
(defun pcomplete/erc-mode/NOTIFY ()
(pcomplete-here (pcomplete-erc-all-nicks)))
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