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* lisp/image-mode.el (image-toggle-display-image): Fix fit of rotated images.

When fitting rotated image to width and height, swap width and height
when changing orientation between portrait and landscape (bug#41886).
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......@@ -810,8 +810,12 @@ was inserted."
;; If we have a `fit-width' or a `fit-height', don't limit
;; the size of the image to the window size.
(edges (and (eq image-transform-resize t)
(edges (when (eq image-transform-resize t)
(window-inside-pixel-edges (get-buffer-window))))
(max-width (when edges
(- (nth 2 edges) (nth 0 edges))))
(max-height (when edges
(- (nth 3 edges) (nth 1 edges))))
(type (if (image--imagemagick-wanted-p filename)
(image-type file-or-data nil data-p)))
......@@ -827,14 +831,18 @@ was inserted."
(ignore-error exif-error
;; Swap width and height when changing orientation
;; between portrait and landscape.
(when (and edges (zerop (mod (+ image-transform-rotation 90) 180)))
(setq max-width (prog1 max-height (setq max-height max-width))))
;; :scale 1: If we do not set this, create-image will apply
;; default scaling based on font size.
(setq image (if (not edges)
(create-image file-or-data type data-p :scale 1)
(create-image file-or-data type data-p :scale 1
:max-width (- (nth 2 edges) (nth 0 edges))
:max-height (- (nth 3 edges) (nth 1 edges)))))
:max-width max-width
:max-height max-height)))
;; Discard any stale image data before looking it up again.
(image-flush image)
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