Commit 1e34d757 authored by Martin Rudalics's avatar Martin Rudalics
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Fix typo in 'dired-restore-positions'

* lisp/dired.el (dired-restore-positions): Fix typo in last
change fixing Bug#33458.
parent 7f95e1ae
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......@@ -1530,7 +1530,7 @@ change; the point does."
;; Sanity check of the point marker.
(when (and (markerp point)
(eq (marker-buffer point) buffer))
(unless (and (nth 0 prev)
(unless (and (nth 1 prev)
(dired-goto-file (nth 1 prev)))
(goto-char (point-min))
(forward-line (1- (nth 2 prev))))
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