Commit 1e3b420b authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(edmacro-parse-keys): Don't treat C-. or C-? as ASCII control char.

parent e1ebe229
......@@ -693,7 +693,10 @@ If START or END is negative, it counts from the end."
(error "%s must prefix a single character, not %s"
(substring orig-word 0 prefix) word))
((and (/= (logand bits ?\C-\^@) 0) (stringp word)
(string-match "[@-_.a-z?]" word))
;; We used to accept . and ? here,
;; but . is simply wrong,
;; and C-? is not used (we use DEL instead).
(string-match "[@-_a-z]" word))
(setq key (list (+ bits (- ?\C-\^@)
(if (equal word "?") 127
(logand (aref word 0) 31))))))
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